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My house is your house!

The best seafood restaurant in our beautiful Puerto Vallarta, the flavor of our cuisine and the freshness of the sea are prepared in each dish because of the good the better!

We have:

icono restaurante de mariscos Puerto Vallarta
Own parking with valet parking
icono- juegos-restaurante de mariscos de Puerto Vallarta
Children's play area (with jumpers)

My house is your house!

The bond of affection and empathy that I formed with our guests during almost a decade of working in the restaurant that my mother, Mrs. Manuela Rivera Rodríguez, founded, encouraged me to open my own space. El Vallartense is a new achievement for our family (after Donuts VP), we built it on the same land that was our home when we were children, there are many happy memories under the centennial Parota and we hope to build many more good times.

We are proud of our roots, that is why we chose the name "El Vallartense", it is something that identifies us as people who were born here in Puerto Vallarta, we like to share with visitors a little bit of our beautiful port and our traditional cuisine so that they carry a long a good taste in their mouths, offer them a space to which you want to return.

Veronica Plasencia, founder.
Verónica Plasencia, El Vallartense

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